The Power of Pandora Jewelry

Pandora, whose name literally translates into "all-endowed" or "all-giving" is a well-known character in Greek mythology as the very first human woman created by the gods Hepahestus and Athena, as instructed by Zeus.

She was famous for Pandora's box, a gift given to her on her wedding day with the simple instruction that it must not be opened under any circumstance. But as she was human, she was driven by her curiosity, and when she opened it, all the evils of humanity has been released. Only one item was left in the jar, and that was Hope.

Nowadays, Pandora is well-known for another thing that is very much related to her being "all-endowed" or "all-giving": jewelry.

The Story behind Pandora Jewelry

Pandora now stands as a distinctive brand with unique products that started as a simple local Danish jeweller. In just a few years, Pandora has become an internationally acclaimed jewelry company, which is now present in more than 80 countries.

Pandora began in 1982, and now has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and its main manufacturing plant in Gemopolis, Thailand. It currently employs 9,000 jeweller artisans worldwide.

Pandora's vision is to make women all over the world exceptionally happy – by offering great quality, exquisitely handmade, modern and authentic jewelry products that are special and unique, allowing them to manifest their individuality. Each piece of Pandora jewelry has a unique story to tell – as much as each woman in this universe also has a unique story to tell to this world. That's what makes putting on and wearing every Pandora jewelry quite memorable.

Pandora: The Perfect Gift

Pandora's collection has a complete threshold of gift ideas to choose from, including Pandora bracelets, Pandora rings, Pandora Charms, Pandora necklaces and pendants, and other types of jewelry.

World renowned for its bracelet and charm concept, Pandora boasts of hundreds of charm options to choose from, each charm a symbolism and a representation of a chapter in life or an unforgettable moment. The combinations are endless, and with the mix, match and style concept, each finished jewelry is surely special and unique, just like that special woman in your life.

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