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Fall in Love with Charm Bracelets

Who would have thought that charms would go back to as far as the Neolithic period? Back then, men would pick up unique stone or wood pieces they would chance upon, and carry it around with them wherever they go. This is along with the belief that it would help drive away evil intentions.

From simple stones and wood as charms, came the more intricate jewelry made up of precious metals and stones during the Egyptian Pharaohs era. This was the birth of the charm bracelets and necklaces we know today.

Ancient Egyptians actually lived a short life span – around 30 to 40 years only. But they believed and prepared for life after death, and charmed jewelry were actually included in this preparation process.

Charmed bracelets and charmed necklaces served not just as protective shields but as well as status symbols, that when they meet the gods in the afterlife, the charmed jewelleries would present to them their achievements in the life they have lived and lead them to their proper status in their next life.

During the Roman Empire, the fish charm in their bracelets served to identify the Christians, and this would gain them entry for secret and forbidden worship sessions. Jewish scholars during that era would also wear necklaces with charms that served as small containers for scriptural passages written in little pieces of paper. The symbolism of this is that he wears the scriptures close to his heart.

During the time of the Knights in the Medieval Era, charms and amulets were used by kings and knights as protection as they usually came with special incantations. Charms were also worn thru belts, as a status symbol and representation of family origin, profession or political standing.

It was during the Renaissance era when charms generally lost its touch with the wealthy classes with the mass production of books and fading of superstitious belief and stories. However, the wearing of charms and amulets never actually stopped, and in this modern era, charmed bracelets and necklaces occupy a special role in the jewelry industry.

Modern-Day Charms and Pandora Bracelets

Pandora, a simple local Danish jeweller that has risen to worldwide popularity in just a few years, have brought back the trend on charms. It now offers a wide range of Pandora jewelry that includes bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants, among many others.

Pandora presents a complete threshold of gift ideas to choose from, but is most known for its bracelet and charm concept. However, there are some riding on its massive popularity so care must be taken in making sure that the ones you purchase are authentic Pandora Jewelry. For if it is for a person you truly love, you have to make sure the jewelry is true.

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