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How to Wear Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets seem to be the offshoot of the more popular woven friendship bracelets of the younger generations. Leather bracelets have become more popular these days. Compared to the more common silver and gold bracelets, they are more affordable and more versatile that they break the notion that not just women can wear bracelets.

The versatility of the leather bracelet

The versatility of leather bracelets also come into form when you realised that you can wear it all year-round. Put it on through different seasons and occasions; it’s just a matter of knowing how to properly wear or style them.

A deep, rich brown bit of leather on the wrist signifies refined masculinity, so most men prefer wearing lone leather bracelets than the metal ones. The subtle hint of leather is a great expression of one’s inner rebel coming out, but not going overboard.

For women who are fond of stacking bracelets, a common favourite of wearing leather bracelets is to complement them with silver and gold bracelets. This results to a stylish accessorised look, and the distinct colour of the leather bracelet serves as a great anchor piece.

During summer, a more casual look is preferred and stacking leather bracelets with or without the metallic shimmer of other bracelets can help attain that. The combination and pop of colours as a result is ideal for those bright, warm and sunshiny days.

However for every day wear or for busier, more active days, a simpler and lightweight bracelet is key. A single leather bracelet would do the trick, but if you still want layers, add another single bangle to complete the look.

Pandora leather bracelets for one and all

Pandora, which started as a simple local Danish jeweller but in just a few years, have become a world-known internationally acclaimed jewellery company, also takes pride in its wide range of stylish leather bracelets.

Pandora’s leather bracelets are available in a wide assortment of colours and styles. Each leather bracelet also comes with a stunning signature Pandora Clasp. The Pandora Bracelet Collection in Leather comprises of a single, double and triple range which can be worn without adornment or with an assortment of Pandora charms, whichever way you choose to.

These Pandora bracelets are made of genuine leather, making them very light and flexible, and weigh a lot less than the traditional silver or gold bracelets. The Pandora leather bracelets also have a beautiful semi-metallic finish to them, which makes them almost shimmer softly and delicately when struck with light. Its luminescent quality makes them look and feel highly valuable indeed.

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